about us


"Children learn from imitation", is the fundamental essence of Montessori education. CREMONBUDS pioneers the Montessori approach in its true sense. With an infrastructure that's purpose-built, an atmosphere compatible with the home environment and teachers who inspire a lifetime of learning. we seek to unfold the true potential of every child.

  • Emphasis on cognitive structures and social development of the child
  • Environment and method encourage internal self-discipline in the child
  • Multi-sensory, self-teaching, self-correcting materials make the child independent
  • Method strengthens decision-making abilities in the child
  • Mixed age grouping fosters social interaction
  • Individualized education
  • Development of concentration and independence
  • Participation in a close, caring community
  • Enjoyment of freedom within limits
  • Self-correction and self-assessment

Everything in a Montessori Environment is child-oriented and has a specific purpose for his development.
The Montessori material is divided into different areas.
Exercises of Practical Life give the child an opportunity to independently take care of the self and the environment, develop sense of responsibility and the fine and gross motor movements.
Children work on tasks involving hand and eye coordination, thus preparing the intellectual and fine motor skills used in writing and creative work.

To provide a Montessori learning environment and community of the highest quality which guides and inspires each student to become the best person they can be.

To offer a Montessori education that guides students in developing their independence, self-assurance, inner discipline and love of learning by providing them with a respectful, enriching and challenging environment. To inspire and enable students to contribute positively and ethically to society.